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Privacy Policy

 I. General guidelines
1. This Privacy Policy governs the manner in which JSC „Spaudos vartai“ collects, uses, maintains and discloses information collected from users.
2. Your personal data is being collected, processed and protected under regulations of this Privacy Policy, The Law of the Republic of Lithuania on Legal Protection of Personal Data, and other legislation.
3. By submitting your personal data to the website You agree that JSC „Spaudos vartai“ can manage and maintain them according to statutory objectives, measures and procedures provided in this Privacy Policy.
4. JSC „Spaudos vartai“ follows these basic principles of data processing:
4.1. Personal information is collected for explicit and legitimate purposes. 
 4.2. Personal information is processed accurately and fairly. 
4.3. Personal information is processed lawfully, i.e. only in cases, when:
4.3.1. person has given his consent, i.e. agrees to follow e-shop rules;
4.3.2. JSC „Spaudos vartai“ is obliged to process personal data in accordance with the law;
4.3.3. personal data must be processed for the legitimate interests, concerned by JSC „Spaudos vartai“ or a third party, to whom this personal data is provided.
4.4. Personal data has to be updated constantly.
4.5. Personal data is stored as long as it is required for data processing purposes.
4.6. Only authorized employees have the right to process the personal data.
4.7. All the information regarding personal data is confidential.
4.8. The processing of personal data is performed under the monitoring of State Data Protection Inspectorate
5. The service of e-shop is available for:
5.1. natural persons, who are capable, i.e. are of the age of consent and whose active legal capacity is not restricted by the judicial decision;
5.2. 14 to 18 year-old under-ages having parental or legal guardian permission, except for the circumstances when personal incomes are being disposed;
5.3. legal persons;
5.4. representatives of all the persons mentioned.
II. Collecting, processing and protecting personal data
7. JSC „Spaudos vartai“ respects the right to Your privacy. Your personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, e-mail address and other information in registration form) is collected and processed on the following purposes:
7.1. to manage Your orders;
7.2. to prepare financial documents (e.g. invoices);
7.3. to solve issues concerning with submission and delivery of goods;
7.4. to meet other conditional promises;
7.5. on direct marketing purposes.
8. You have to submit detailed and correct personal data to the registration form.
9. JSC „Spaudos vartai“ uses organizational and technical tools, ensuring the protection of Your personal data against accidental or illegal destruction, changing, disclosure or any other illegal processing.
10. JSC „Spaudos vartai“ has the right to use the data about Your purchases and orders for statistical purposes. Such statistics will be collected and handled in a manner that prevents the disclosure of customer identity or other personal data that could be used to determine person's identity.
 III. Transferring personal data to third parties
11. JSC „Spaudos vartai“ reserves the right to transfer information to third parties:
11.1. only for purposes mentioned in V section of this document;
11.2. only according to the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
IV. Changing and updating Your personal data
12. You have the permission to change and/or update the personal data You provided in the registration form;
V. Transferring information and claims
13. As You gave the permission to manage Your data, You have the right to:
13.1. require to correct or destroy You personal information, except protection and managing it, when data is being processed in disregard of legislation;
13.2. cancel this permission at any time.
14. If JSC „Spaudos vartai“ gets Your request in regard of managing Your data, You will get the answer  not later than 30 calendar days after the inquiry was made. Only requests submitted in written form (e-mail: info@spaudosvartai.lt or post address: Kuršių g. 7, LT-48107, Kaunas) will be considered.
VI. Changes to this privacy policy
15. JSC „Spaudos vartai“ has the discretion to partly or entirely update this Privacy Policy after informing about the changes in „News“ section of e-shop’ website.
16. Changes or updates take effect from the announcement day on, i.e. from the day when they are posted in e-shop’s platform.
17. If You do not agree with updated Privacy Policy You have the right to reject it in written form (e-mail: info@spaudosvartai.lt or post address: Kuršių g. 7, LT-48107, Kaunas) under the circumstances that You lose the privilege to use e-shop services.
18. If You are using the service after the updates were made it is considered that You accept the new Privacy Policy.
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